Disruptive Innovation

is the Core of Our Existence

A Software Development Company Purposely Built to Invoke Change in The Pharmacy Industry

Our Mission is Simple…

But Our Vision is Crystal Clear

  1. Better outcomes for your Pharmacy
    with increased profit margins.
  2. Better outcomes for your Customers
    with instant savings.

Prescription price transparency & affordability

InteliSys Health® was founded on the principle that prescription price transparency and affordability is key to the wellbeing of consumers and alike. Affordability drives compliance and adherence which results in better health outcomes. Consumers unknowingly pay more for their prescriptions when using drug discount card programs as they are laden with admin fees and clawbacks. At the same time, pharmacies continue to struggle with their ability to remain profitable while drug discount card programs and the PBM’s that support them watch their profits skyrocket annually through these admin fees and clawbacks…..all at the expense of the consumer and the pharmacies that support them.

InteliSys Health’s® developmental and technological capabilities within RxStream® unlocks the power to eliminate these predatory admin fees and clawbacks and do it all with capabilities architected for healthcare with industry-leading speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Learn how RxStream® can improve the financial performance of your pharmacy

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