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RxStream® for Pharmacy Operating/Management Systems

RxStream® is a breakthrough patent pending solution that embeds within the dispensing workflow of pharmacy management and operating systems delivering increased pharmacy profitability, increased dispensing efficiencies, eliminates high priced drug discount cards and coupons, and delivers savings to both insured and uninsured Patients. It’s unique and technologically advanced capabilities combine to provide a seamless and effortless claim adjudication process.

As Patients across the country are increasingly losing healthcare benefits, they are forced to resort to drug discount programs and coupons to obtain their life dependent prescription medications to possibly reduce costs. Simultaneously, these programs increase overall pharmacy workflow requirements, increase switch and network fees to run trial claims to obtain prices, and they significantly impact the pharmacy’s profitability and bottom line. RxStream® addresses the challenges pharmacies face every day.

Key Features and Benefits of RxStream’s® Patent Pending Solution:

  • Embeds directly into the pharmacy management/operating software system
  • Operates automatically behind the scenes and without user activation
  • Reduces claims processing workflow thus increasing pharmacy productivity
  • Completely eliminates harmful PBM/carrier copay profit centers and drug discount/coupon programs
  • Automatic cash pricing on all prescriptions processed to find the lowest Patient cost
  • Eliminates dual/test claim processing
  • No switch/network fees to obtain RxStream® cash price
  • No switch/network fees to perform RxStream® claim adjudication
  • Increases pharmacy profitability through higher reimbursement rates for RxStream® cash claims versus insurance plan funded rates
  • Increases pharmacy Patient/Customer loyalty