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RxStream® for EHR/e-Prescribing Systems

The core of the RxStream® solution is a price compare tool that—in sub-second response times—searches the ten closest pharmacies from the 70,000+ pharmacies in its network for the price on ANY prescription drug the provider enters into their e-prescribing tool for insured, under-insured, and uninsured patients. RxStream® then displays the five lowest nearby prices on the drug against their current coverage, copay limits, and deductibles if insured. As an added convenience, doctors can search by location of their office, the patient’s home, or the patient’s workplace to determine the closest pharmacies. The doctor and patient can then discuss the results to evaluate most affordable treatment option for the patient. The solution will also display the cash price if the patient is paying out of pocket due to deductibles, lack of prescription coverage or uninsured status. If the patient is only responsible for a copay, the tool will show if the cash price is less than the copay, ensuring that the patient gets the lowest price every time.