Mr. Borzilleri is the Founder of InteliSys Health, the first to develop and embed drug transparency technology within EHR and Pharmacy Operating/Management systems to connect doctors, pharmacists, patients and insurance companies to real-time and lowest cost prescription pricing, while providing medication adherence data back to doctors and insurers. The idea for the company came to life when Mr. Borzilleri was CEO of Valore’ Rx, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). He realized that the so-called prescription “discounts” his company was offering included way too much markup and padding. It was good business for a PBM, but it was bad for patients, insurers, and an unsustainable healthcare cost structure. He vowed to develop a technology solution that would uncover and offer the lowest prices at the point of care and point of dispensing.

Mr. Borzilleri is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience incubating and launching successful companies across a variety of industries. Mr. Borzilleri is known for his ability to invent and develop elegant solutions to complex business problems.

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