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Following the Script

Under the current status quo, once a doctor sends an e-prescription to a pharmacy, he or she never receives any communication from the pharmacy about whether the prescription was filled, when it was filled or the cadence of refills. RxStream® resolves this communication breakpoint to improve medication adherence, diagnosis, and evaluation of drug efficacy. By creating a “real-time” feedback loop between pharmacies and physicians, through the EHR, RxStream® gives doctors the opportunity to intervene to prevent an adverse event, such as an office revisit, trip to the emergency room, or hospital readmission, due to medication non-adherence.

RxStream® also communicates direct from the EHR in “real-time” with insurers, who, until now, have only had access to data on actual paid claims. This means insurers have no way of knowing what has been prescribed by the doctor, or If they have abandoned one or more prescriptions entirely. This actionable data and information can help insurers instantly determine prescription drug efficacy among their members, improving outcomes and contributing to better population health management.