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Former Allscripts Chief Innovation Officer Stanley Crane Joins InteliSys Health as CTO

Former Allscripts Chief Innovation Officer Stanley Crane Joins InteliSys Health as CTO

Crane comes out of retirement to help guide prescription drug transparency startup set on disrupting the PBM industry

SAN DIEGO—July 11, 2017—InteliSyS Health™, pioneer of the first real-time prescription transparency platform, announced that former Allscripts Chief Technology Officer and Chief Innovation Officer Stanley Crane has joined the executive team as CTO. Crane will guide development of InteliSys’ breakthrough point-of-care drug pricing and medication adherence tools, as well as spearhead new products in additional markets.

Crane most recently served as the Chief Innovation Officer of Allscripts, a $2.3 billion provider of electronic health records (EHR) and other health IT solutions for over 180,000 physicians and 2,500 hospitals. While serving in this role, from 2008 to 2016, he created Allscripts Open API, a breakthrough approach to technology sharing that established Allscripts as the EHR interoperability leader. He grew the Open API from a technology into its own business unit.

Prior to that, Crane served as the CTO of Allscripts for about a decade. One of Crane’s most notable accomplishments was the development of the first-ever free e-prescribing solution, Allscripts ePrescribe, which has had over 100,000 users and hundreds of millions of safe, secure prescriptions written.  

In addition to his tenure at Allscripts, Crane has served as CTO of startups in a variety of industries, including voice recognition for the healthcare industry, frequent flier mile platforms, home grocery shopping (later acquired by Allscripts to enable home medication shopping) and healthcare materials management systems software (later acquired by McKesson).

InteliSys launched in June after two years in stealth mode, and is currently rolling out its first solution, RxStream, a drug pricing and medication adherence tool that can be embedded in the e-prescribing workflow of any EHR.

Crane will help drive the company’s strategic expansion beyond prescribing-focused solutions to a cloud-based platform uniting actionable data and predictive analytics to deliver the lowest prescription costs across the healthcare landscape, along with information on medication fill behavior.

“I’ve seen how crippling high drug prices have become for patients—and what a driver they can be for insurer premium hikes,” Crane said. “By giving doctors and patients the lowest, real-time prices at convenient nearby pharmacies, RxStream will help patients afford their medicines, so they can reap their full therapeutic benefit. I had thought I’d be spending my retirement wading into a different kind of stream, with my fishing rod. But this is too important. The fish can wait.”

InteliSys CEO Tom Borzilleri said of Crane, “We are beyond excited to have Stanley Crane—a giant in the fields of e-prescribing and interoperability—join us as CTO. Stanley’s decision to come out of retirement is a testament to the validity of our approach and urgency of our mission: lowering drug prices for patients and insurers, and creating new data links between pharmacies, doctors and insurers to make sure that the drugs prescribed are actually filled, refilled and taken as prescribed.”

Today, 74.2 percent of physician office visits result in prescription drug therapy, and these prescriptions are being written without the patient or doctor knowing what the medication will cost or which pharmacy offers the lowest price. Combined with skyrocketing drug prices, the increase in patient financial responsibility has more patients worried about their ability to pay for the drugs their doctors prescribe.

InteliSys Health aims to improve medication adherence in two ways. RxStream helps remove the affordability barrier by providing the lowest prices to both patients and insurers, stripped of the added fees and other padding that are common in pharmacy benefit management contracts. RxStream then connects all stakeholders in the e-prescribing transaction, providing actionable data back to the doctor and insurer about drug fills and refills, to enable intervention to prevent adverse events due to medication non-adherence.

InteliSys Health also assists payors and employers to lower costs by displaying the alternative, lower-priced clinically equivalent drug, along with the payor or employer preferred pharmacy to guide clinical decision-making around appropriate, cost-effective drug therapy. By lowering drug prices, premium hikes and higher copays may be averted.

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InteliSys Health shifts the paradigm of medication pricing by aligning the needs of patients, providers and payors within the industry’s first real-time prescription transparency platform. Powered by the union of actionable data and predictive analytics, the ground-breaking technology delivers the lowest prescription costs while offering new opportunities for improved medication adherence and compliance. By connecting disparate data and stakeholders across the care continuum, InteliSys Health empowers providers and patients with an intelligent, transparent view of prescription drug pricing, drug fills and refills, and alternative drug therapies within one second or less at the point of care and within the e-Prescribing workflow. The analytics-driven platform drives maximum cost savings, workflow efficiencies, patient safety and health outcomes while successfully addressing the new landscape of shared risk payment models, cost containment and outcomes-based reimbursements. For more information, please visit

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